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Freiluftküche: Materials, modules and possibilities

Cooking outside and spending time with friends: The Freiluftküche becomes one of the favorite places in your home. As a modular system, it offers the possibility of being designed exactly as needed.

In the following, we will introduce you to the individual modules, show you sample kitchens and go into more detail about the used materials.

The modules of the Freiluftküche

With seven different modules, the Freiluftküche is a flexible modular system. This is very useful for several reasons: The outdoor kitchen can be planned and implemented according to the size of your garden or terrace. In addition, you are free in the design - which module would you like?

Basic module

It all starts with a basic module because it is the foundation of the outdoor kitchen. By using width grids of 600 mm or 800 mm, it is possible to combine the basic modules and achieve a span of up to 3.200 mm. The standard depth is 600 mm. Optionally, the basic modules can be extended with doors, shelves, and drawers. In terms of color, the kitchen unit is available in black, various shades of gray and beige, and even wine red or pastel orange.

Grill-Fire module

The open fireplace consists of a cast-iron base, high-quality firebricks, and a stainless-steel chimney. The firebox is optionally frontal, left, or right side. As a place for grilling or as a cozy campfire: this module is one of the fiery centerpieces of the Freiluftküche.

Grill module

What should not be missing in any outdoor kitchen? Exactly, a cooking area or a grill. Since tastes are known to differ, different systems can be integrated here. Each solution offers a wide range of culinary possibilities and enables outstanding cooking experiences.

The following options can be integrated into the Freiluftküche:

  • Monolith coal grill

  • Flammkraft gas grill

  • Bofun wok burner

  • Plancha

  • Indu+ Induction plate

Light module

This module offers several advantages at once: Firstly, it provides protection from the wind through the back wall. On the other hand, it has built-in lighting elements that make it possible to use the kitchen long after the sun has gone down and bathe the surroundings in a cozy light. Two halogen spotlights provide direct lighting for the countertop, while LED strips set indirect lighting accents.

For the use of electronic devices, it is necessary to fuse the electric module with a separate fuse box. As standard, four sockets for light switches are installed, which are already integrated in the basic module.

Fridge module

Whether cold drink or food to be cooled: This outdoor refrigerator complements the functions of the outdoor kitchen. It is weatherproof and fits perfectly into the puristic design.

Water module

For washing up or for cooking: Water plays a central role in every kitchen. This is also the case in your outdoor kitchen, which is why we recommend including a sink. You can choose between a classic sink or a solid natural stone sink.

Island module

Does a kitchenette not appeal to you? No problem, the Freiluftküche is also available as a kitchen island. This solution can be designed just as flexibly as the other elements.

Weatherproofed and long-lasting: Hight-quality materials make the difference

If you choose the Freiluftküche, you should enjoy it for a long time. That is why the elements are made of high quality and carefully selected materials.

Nero Assoluto

The countertops are made of black granite stone Nero Assoluto. It is easy to clean, weather resistant and extremely robust. To increase the resistance, the surfaces were impregnated and given a special flamed surface finish.

Powdered sea aluminium

The body of the outdoor kitchen is made of a special material. Sea aluminum is a particularly robust and high-quality alloy. Weather resistance is thus a key property of the open-air kitchen. Due to its combination of functionality and aesthetics, sea aluminum offers excellent quality. A precious powder coating in combination with a material thickness of up to eight millimeters ensures very high corrosion resistance and stability.

Finished oak shelves

A visual contrast to the powder-coated aluminum body are the wooden shelves, which are made of high-quality and solid oak. To withstand all weather conditions, the wood is protected by a five-layer silk-matte sealing with boat varnish.

Stainless steel chimneys

Double-walled stainless steel, which was additionally powder-coated: even the chimney did not compromise on quality. In addition, a lamellar hat protects against rainwater.

Does the outdoor kitchen need a roof?

We often receive the question whether a roof is mandatory. The simple answer is: no, it is not mandatory. The materials of the Freiluftküche are deliberately selected so that it can stand outdoors 365 days a year.

Nevertheless, it can be useful to think about a roofing. Especially in spring and autumn, for example, a pergola offers protection from the wind or cooler temperatures. During an appointment, we can gladly include this option for you.

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