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Fire. Furniture. outdoor.
FeuerLoft, As Unique As You

We love lighting fires! We mean that both literally and metaphorically. Be inspired by our high-quality stoves, individual fireplace systems, weatherproof outdoor kitchens and regionally manufactured furniture. When it comes to fire, we combine craftsmanship with design in both indoor and outdoor areas.

In all our projects, we attach great importance to customer enthusiasm, professional advice and high-quality products. Because we know that every house is unique.



Professional expertise

Customized SOLUTIONS


Team member Feuerloft

Would you like to get to know our project process? We will show you how we proceed, how our consultations work and what to expect.


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Customer opinions


Not only the extraordinary showroom, but also the super friendly and completely competent staff are worth every visit. Feuerloft is not the cheapest provider on the market, but the service is worth every cent. During the construction of our house, there were many questions and some complications from the site manager, but every problem and question was resolved by the unparalleled dedication of the Feuerloft staff. The appointments and installation went smoothly and the work was carried out very neatly. I can only recommend Feuerloft and anyone who buys their installation or customised furniture there will not be disappointed. My only regret is that I can only install one fireplace in my house ;) However, Feuerloft also offers outdoor solutions that turn any garden into a spectacle. In any case, a big thank you to the whole Feuerloft team, happy holidays or "fire days" and a happy new year.


Extremely nice, courteous and polite staff. Treat customers in a very polite and pleasant manner, take time for them and approach questions and issues proactively. Even if it is a little more expensive, you are happy to spend every cent more when you receive this kind of service and advice! An absolute recommendation!


We were more than satisfied. Advice, support and execution of the work as planned. We can only recommend this company.

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