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as individual as you

With a warming wood fire you create a cozy atmosphere at home that you can look forward to every day. Your fireplace becomes a meeting place for the whole family and a highlight for cozy evenings with friends. Whether round, square, large or small - with us you will find the perfect fireplace that matches your individual interior style.

Sketch of a fireplace with wood storage.
Sketch of a round fireplace.
Sketch of configurable wood stove with boxes
Sketch of open fireplace, without glass panel.

Individual fireplace systems are a highlight in every home and offer the opportunity to create unique places of well-being. Whether floating, with a bench or as a room divider, in steel, with wood accents or a concrete look: there are countless possibilities and variants to make your dream fire come true!


Absolute classics among heat sources: Stoves. They come in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes, as well as with different heating outputs and storage modules. Especially for smaller rooms, a stove is ideal, because they take up less space and direct the view to the essentials - the blazing fire. Whether in soapstone, steel or ceramic, you will find a wide selection of high-quality stoves in our showroom.

Offenes Feuer

Hear the crackling, see the blazing flames and feel the pleasant warmth: an open fireplace is a pleasure for all the senses. Without a glass pane and with a direct view, you can experience the most original kind of fire. Thanks to the well thought-out technology, you don't have to worry about smoke and fumes. For more safety when lighting or if you want to leave the room, there is the retractable spark guard, which is made of black painted stainless steel mesh.


Multifunctional, flexible and individual: With a modular system, there are countless possibilities for designing a fireplace. There are two basic building components: a selection of different fire chambers and boxes. These two components can be combined as desired to create individual fire furniture. Whether it's a large bench, a wood store or hanging boxes put together with a square, round or rotating fire chamber - we'll be happy to create a complete concept to suit your needs!