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Cooking under the stars, sitting around a warming outdoor fire with friends or having a big barbecue party for the family: With the right outdoor products, the garden becomes one of the favorite places at home.

Skizze von Freiluftküche mit offenem Feuer, Kugelgrill, Kühlschrank und Rückwand samt Leuchtmodul.
Skizze von Kamado Holzkohle Kugelgrill.
Skizze von Morso Forno Pizzaofen auf Gartentisch mit gelagertem Holz.
Skizze von Freiluftfeuer mit Sitzbänken, um Wohnzimmer-Feeling nach draußen zu bringen.
Skizze von Feuerschale in ausgefallener Form.

outdoor kitchen

A weatherproof kitchen in the garden that can be used 365 days a year: this is the outdoor kitchen that can be customized to fit your garden. With the convenient modular system, we put together the garden kitchen according to your wishes. High-quality and weather-resistant materials make the outdoor kitchen a favorite place for the whole family for years to come. Whether open fire, kamado grill, sink or fridge - together we realize your dream project!



Gas grill, kamado or plancha? This is often a fundamental question, where tastes differ. Whichever model you choose, it is important to us that all products have excellent quality. Kamado grill The kamado is a coal grill of a special kind, because here you can grill, smoke, bake, cook and simmer. A real allrounder, which is available in several colors. Due to its heat-storing ceramic insulation and the controllable air supply, you will achieve an unmistakable aroma. Gas grill Gas grills are among the classics in BBQ. So that you can enjoy them for many years, you can get grills from us that are made entirely of stainless steel. This makes them particularly weather-resistant and robust. The large grilling surface is ideally suited to feed several people or to grill a wide variety of dishes from meat to vegetables. The targeted temperature control ensures that you get the heat you want exactly where and when you need it. Plancha The term plancha is Spanish and translates to plate. You can grill anything on a round steel plate that heats up to 350 degrees, and smaller grilled foods like scampi or vegetables are particularly well suited because the closed surface prevents them from falling through. The plancha is fired with wood, which is ignited inside the steel ring.


pizza oven

Italian-style pizza, juicy salmon or fragrant bread: the solid cast iron pizza oven can bake, grill and smoke. With wood you bring the grill to the right temperature. Even after the fire has burned down, the pizza oven gives off a pleasant warmth.