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Freiluftfeuer: Unique fireplace for your garden

Brennendes Freiluftfeuer mit Sitzbank und Holzlager

As cozy as in your living room, but in your garden: Sitting by the fire and enjoying the crackle of the flames - this is possible not only indoors, but also outdoors. With the Freiluftfeuer you get the living room feeling on the terrace.

But how is the Freiluftfeuer constructed and what options does the garden fireplace offer?

Modular system for individual design

Like the Freiluftküche, the Freiluftfeuer is flexible in design. This is made possible by the modular system, where you decide how the fire and associated furniture will be arranged.

The base modules are available in different sizes, designs and colors, so there are almost endless configuration possibilities. The basic modules are available from a width of 2000 mm to 3200 mm. In addition, there are extensions to customize the fire furniture exactly to your preferences.

You also have a free hand in choosing the grill-fire module and can determine how the centerpiece of the outdoor fire should look: Whether frontal fire, corner, left or right side.

There are almost no limits to your creativity and we are happy to help you realize your dream combination!

Skizze des Baukastensystems des Freiluftfeuers

More than beautiful ambience: Freiluftfeuer with barbecue function

Fire connects people – and so does eating together! Therefore, both elements can be effortlessly combined. Freiluftfeuer is not only a beautiful outdoor fireplace but can also be used as a barbecue.

The grill module can be attached at any time - exactly when you want it. Prepare delicious snacks together over the fire or use the embers to prepare baked potatoes, for example. The best thing about it: You sit together around the fire and share the barbecue experience.

Weatherproof materials

Freiluftfeuer as well as the Freiluftküche use the same intensively tested materials:

Materialien des Freiluftfeuers als Nahaufnahme

Nero Assoluto

The Nero Assoluto cover plate is extremely durable to weathering and also easy to clean. To ensure its durability, the Nero Assoluto is impregnated and given a special flame-treated surface.

Powder coated sea aluminium

The outdoor fireplace is designed to be weatherproof in every aspect. A large part of this is due to the body material - a robust alloy of sea aluminum.

This material offers a perfect combination of functional strength and aesthetic elegance. A high-quality powder coating ensures excellent corrosion resistance and stability, even with material thicknesses of up to eight millimeters.

Shelves made of solid oak wood

The outdoor fireplace impresses with its robust construction and attractive design. The shelves made of high-quality oak wood set a warm accent to the powder-coated aluminum body and are specially treated for outdoor use. A satin finish with boat varnish both preserves the natural grain of the wood and strengthens its resistance to all weather conditions.

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