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Flammkraft: Gas grill with Power

Flammkraft Gasgrill eingebaut in eine Freiluftküche.

Barbecuing together, spending time and enjoying life – food connects people and means quality. That's why the Flammkraft brand has made it its mission to develop a grill that allows you to prepare food at the highest level.

Ww show in this post, what this gas grill distinguishes, what technology is used and what possibilities it offers.


Made in Germany: High quality gas grill

High-quality materials and precise manufacturing are the basis for each Flammkraft grill. These are made entirely of stainless steel and oiled oak wood. The quality is reflected in the longevity of the grills, which are timeless classics thanks to clean lines and a closed front.

Flammkraft profile:

- Made entirely of stainless steel

- Ceramic burner

- 100-900 degrees Celsius

- Stainless-steel cast-iron grates

- Professional performances

- Seven colors

- Made in Germany

Farbvarianten des Unterschranks von Falmmkraft

Technology and function: Everything for the good taste

The overall goal of Flammkraft is to get delicious food in the end. To get the outstanding taste, the manufacturer has focused on the technology, as well as the arrangement of the burning elements.

The intelligent combination of burners makes the grilling experience easy to handle. The radiation of the heat extends over the entire surface of the grill grates, while the hot air envelops the food from all sides. As a result, the grilled food is prepared gently and the flavor unfolds optimally. It remains juicy, aromatic and perfectly cooked to the point, thanks to the high power of the grill.

A special drip tray catches dripping liquid so that it does not get directly onto the burner. This efficiently prevents the unhealthy formation of smoke.

If you like roasting flavors, Flammkraft is the right choice, because special zones are set up for roasting. A burner is installed directly below these roasting zones to achieve maximum performance. Temperatures of up to 900 degrees Celsius are generated here. This area of the gas grill can also be used for other grilled dishes: Thus, a teppanyaki plate or a pan can be placed above it.

Block D in focus

The star of the Flammkraft range is the so-called Block D, which we would like to introduce in more detail. It is a combination of a grill insert and a base cabinet made entirely of stainless steel.

The generous grilling surface is 90x40 cm and allows large rounds of BBQ. The surface is further divided into a powerful roasting zone and a large main grilling area. Gas bottle and storage boxes are easy to reach through stainless steel pullouts. Cleaning is also convenient, as the innovative drainage system can simply be pulled out to the front.

You want to move your 120kg flame grill? This is possible thanks to four invisible heavy-duty swivel casters.

Unlimited barbecue: Flammkraft accessories

Culinary arts know no bounds, which is why Flammkraft offers additional accessories to provide an even more flavorful grilling experience.

Rotisserie Flammkraft


The stainless steel teppanyaki plate is placed above the roasting zone. It is 8mm thick, weighs 6.6 or 8kg and distributes or stores the heat. It is perfect for smaller grilled food such as fish, shrimp or vegetables.


Whether it's a crispy roast chicken or a classic kebab skewer, the Flammkraft rotisserie produces fantastic results. This is due to the cleverly placed burners, both of which light up the spit at the perfect angle. The juice that drips down is collected and can be further processed for delicious sauces.

Despite the rotisserie, the lid of the grill can be closed, and the roasting zone can be used simultaneously. With 230V the rotisserie manages three rotations per minute and with 45 or 55 cm length offers space for up to 10 kg of food.


Cooking around the world: with the hand-hammered wok made of steel, which has a diameter of 33 centimeters, any dishes succeed! The wok with its characteristic belly shape is combined with a stainless-steel holder. So, it fits perfectly on the roasting burner and can also be placed on the dining table.

Pizza- and grill stone

A delicious pizza can be prepared with the matching Flammkraft grill stone. It is characterized by a high heat storage capacity and can withstand even enormous temperatures. The pizza stone is made of glazed cordierite, which makes cleaning easier.

A whole garden kitchen with Flammkraft

A kitchen in your own backyard is simply a joy, because it is not only a favorite hangout for friends and family, but also combines the cooking experience in one place.

Block D focuses entirely on grilling. Combined with the Flammkraft outdoor kitchen module, it becomes a small independent kitchen. This creates space for preparation and serving.

Those who want to make their outdoor kitchen more individual and extensive, but at the same time do not want to do without the gas grill from Flammkraft, will find a high-quality and weatherproof combination option with the Freiluftküche.


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