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Skantherm Elements: Fireplaces and fire furniture

Skantherm Elements with bench, storage boxes and wood storage.

Fireplace means fireplace? No way! The Elements series from Skantherm offers countless design options, so you get exactly the fireplace that fits 100% into your home!

How and in what form? We'll tell you in this blog post!


Modular system for individual fireplaces

Whether large or small room, new construction, or renovation: every living situation is different and unique. A fireplace should therefore be well planned so that it fits perfectly into the home. With the Elements series of the manufacturer Skantherm, this implementation is not only possible, but also individually designable - thanks to the modular design.

The "building elements" basically consist of two components: the fire chamber and various boxes, which can be combined in variable sizes and designs. The emphasis is on the word "can" because the fireplace is selectable and fully functional even without boxes. Elements series is available in steel with two color options: black and platinum. Thereby clear and straight lines are characteristic for the look.

You cannot decide with so many options? We will be happy to help you with that! After an initial conversation, we will be pleased to create concrete proposals that fit your premises. Arrange consultation now

Fire chamber: Just the way you like it

With a fireplace, of course, the warming fire is the focus. In order to meet as many living situations and design requirements as possible, the manufacturer has developed and launched 9 different application options.

These can be divided into the categories of “Round”, “Front”, “Corner” and “Tunnel” and describe the basic appearance of the firebox. Depending on the category, there is also a choice of one-sided, two-sided, or three-sided glazing of the fireplace pane.

A fireplace becomes a fire furniture

The special feature of the Skantherm Elements series is that an entire living situation can be created from one fireplace. The focus is on the connection between fire and furniture, with the aim of harmoniously integrating the fireplace into the living space.

The boxes can be used flexibly: Whether as a bench or as shelf cabinets on the wall. This creates not only a homely atmosphere, but also practical storage space, which can be supplemented with steel or oak front panels. The doors are all equipped with the push and pull system, so the surface remains straight and there are no visible handles sticking out. If you want to be even more comfortable, you can order high-quality leather upholstery to go with the bench, which is available in 29 different colors.

Technical Highlights of the Elements series

The Skantherm Elements series is convincing not only visually, but also from the inside, because the air control and the ash box are installed here. Smoke pipes and fresh air pipes can also be installed inside the fireplace. Due to the clever design, they are not visible at first glance, so that the linear design remains.

The well-designed pane flushing system helps protect the fireplace from soot deposits to the greatest extent possible. This gives you a clear view of the fire and minimizes the need to clean the pane after each use. However, if the pane does become sooty, read our 3 tips on how to clean it quickly and easily.

For those who want to enjoy the heat in the living room long after the fire has burned down, the fireplace can be optionally upgraded with storage stones. Also optional is a catalytic converter that significantly reduces emissions.

Images: Skantherm & Feuerloft


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