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iQ Technology explained: Intelligent fire

Aufnahme des Lhasa iQ vom Hersteller Hase Kaminofen

Fire and smart technology - the iQ stove models from HASE prove that this goes together. With their advanced technique, the stove manufacturer offers a new form of fireplaces, which we present to you in more detail below.

What is intelligent fire?

HASE calls all models that have automatic oxygen control an intelligent fire. With the help of a microcontroller located underneath the firebox, combustion is continuously analyzed. Using this information, the technology controls the ventilation flaps fully automatically. The video below shows exactly how this works:

The idea behind it: clean burning fire

How the fire burns have a direct influence on the emission levels, as we have already explained in more detail under Heating with wood. With the fully automatic ventilation flaps, the stove adjusts selectively and in real time to the conditions in the firebox. Thus, the machine control has a clear advantage because it works dedicatedly and continuously on the oxygen supply. Manual control, in comparison, is less accurate and is mostly done by intuition.

The manufacturer distinguishes between iQ and iQ+ technology.

Both variants are equipped with the intelligent software and automatic air control. iQ+ has also installed catalytic technology, which has been awarded the environmental label called "Blue Angel".

The right app for your fireplace

When is the best time to add wood and what output does my stove achieve? Questions that can be answered with the help of the right app. You also receive information on energy efficiency and emission behavior. The app, which is available for Android and iOS, also contains tips on firing up the stove and operating aids.

Screenshots aus der iQ App  zum Aufheizen, der Performance und Nachlegen

Which models have the function?

The following fireplaces are currently available with the iQ function:

  • Lima iQ

  • Sila iQ

  • Sila Plus iQ

  • Patna iQ

  • Lhasa iQ

The following stoves are equipped with iQ+:

  • Lima iQ+

  • Sila iQ+

  • Sila Plus iQ+

All models are available in different colors and designs.

Häufige Fragen zur iQ-Technologie

Are there any construction restrictions for an iQ model?

There are no restrictions, it is only necessary that the stove is supplied with power. For this purpose, a regular power outlet or a power bank is sufficient.

What to do in case of blackout?

Are iQ technology and ovens with memory block compatible?

The electronics break down - what can I do?

Can other stoves be upgraded with iQ or iQ+?

Informations and video:


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